Empoyment workshop in Toulouse for Americans

How to find a job in France for Americans

Join the Toulouse-Midi Pyrénées chapter of France Etats-Unis and the European American Chamber of Commerce, Southwest France a workshop on differences between the US and French job markets


Finding a job in France can be confusing and frustrating for Americans because none of the skills honed in the US seem to work. This workshop will give an overview of the French job market, explain differences between French and American hiring practices and business creation, and give tips and tricks on how to find, apply, and land a job in France. The basics of creating a business will also be covered.

Where: Maison des Associations, 3 Place Guy Hersant, 31031 Toulouse (metro Empalot or St Agne)
When: Tuesday November 19 6:30-8:30pm

This presentation is geared towards Americans already in France with a work authorization (or carte de séjour vie privée et familiale), and will not cover visa applications or employee sponsorship procedures.

This workshop is organized by the non-profit associations France Etats-Unis Midi Pyrénées and the European American Chamber of Commerce Southwest France, and is offered as part of the associations’ mission of helping bring together the French and American communities in and around Toulouse.

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