Danielle Garrison received a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship for 2017-2018 to be a resident artist at La Grainerie as part of her Master in Fine Arts degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. On Friday May 18 6:30pm she is performing a work in progress version of her thesis choreography in collaboration with other dancers. Her work seeks to answer the question, ‘How can aerial dance encourage transcultural empathy of grief in a post-embodied global world within the collaboration of art, live-embodiment and technology?’

Danielle is specialized in aerial dancing, and chose Toulouse because of the strong circus and aerial dancing artist community.

Join us at La Grainierie to learn more about her choreography.

La Grainierie is located 61 Rue Saint-Jean, 31130 Balma, about 400m from the Balma-Gramont metro station


More information about Fulbright: http://fulbright-france.org/en


Performance flyer

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