Focus sur Warren GOSS,

vétéran américain rencontré à l’occasion du 75ème anniversaire du débarquement à Colleville

par un de nos jeunes adhérents du comité de Loir-et-Cher

Warren GOSS was drafted into the army at the age of 18.  Since all the boys were drafted his parents (my grandparents) did not object.  Your mother was a Christian woman with a lot of faith.  She prayed for him every day kneeling at a little bench by a window in the bathroom.  It was her prayer closet!  She prayed Psalm 91 from the Bible for him.  Read it (Psaumes 91), it is very beautiful.  Every word came true for him,  he was not harmed or injured during a whole year of fighting throughout France and into Germany.  The last verse (16) in the Psalm came true too:  « With a long life I will satisfy him. »

After Warren GOSS was drafted he trained in England for one year for the invasion.  He saw ships torpedoed by German U-boats during training exercises at Slapton sands.  Over 700 men died who were on the ships.  On June 6th he landed on Utah beach as a rifleman with the 531st brigade as part of the 4th army division.  Their job was to secure the beach so that the engineers could build a landing area for the troops and equipment.  The first place he came to when he landed on June 6th was a little chapel on the beach.  He said the walls were blown down from the bombing but on the altar was an open Bible.  There is a verse in the Bible that says:  « All things will pass away, but Thy word  O God will never pass away. »  We went to see the little chapel while we were on Utah Beach.  It is called La Madeleine.

After D-Day he went to Cherbourg from where he sent a letter home saying « I made it. »  Not many boys survived who were in the 531st Special Brigade because they were in the first wave to land on D-Day.  Today you can see the streets on Utah beach which are named after the fallen soldiers of the 531st.

He was then transfered into the 70th army division in which he fought across France from town to town, into the Ardennes forest at the southern part of ‘the bulge’ and then across the Saar river at Saarbrucken into Germany.  In Germany he fought in the industrial zone of the Ruhr valley, into Mainz and finished the war in Frankfurt.  He finished the war one year later, in May 1945, and was sent home from Le Havre France.

Warren GOSS a 94 ans et vit aujourd’hui en Pennsylvanie. Il est titulaire de la Bronze Star Medal pour action héroïque durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Il a été fait Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur en 2018.

Warren Goss et le lieutenant Frédéric Hemery

le 6 juin 2019 au cimetière de Colleville